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Communing with the light - Evoking a mood - Following a passion - What a joy - What a privilege Jenny Kirkpatrick
I am frequently seduced by the light.......... just swept off my feet. Photography for me is all about revisiting that passion and using it to create something evocative.

Jenny is a professional photographer living in Huntsville, Ontario. An ardent amateur for many years, she began her Portrait and Fine Art business in 1996 and started giving seminars and workshops about Creative Photography in 2000.

Once she had a solid grasp of the photographic tools and rules, Jenny discovered the joy of breaking them, and has continued on this path ever since. Her work reflects that creative freedom, ranging from dramatic realism to total abstraction. Many of her images are the product of two or more transparencies in combination to make strikingly textured and colour saturated montages. More recently, she has embraced the digital era, creating archival Giclée prints of her images. These are produced digitally using quality, archival watercolour paper. Both colour, and black and white, are marvellously recreated with delicate whites, strong darks and dynamic midtones.

Jenny teaches as she photographs - with commitment and enthusiasm; encouraging others to broaden their artistic boundaries. Her workshops are energetic, with supportive feedback and opportunity for ample individual attention in the field.

Jenny's love of, and concern for, the environment, both globally and locally here in the Muskoka and Algonquin region, is apparent in her work. Many of her images reflect time spent hiking, canoeing and kayaking in the area.... Canadian Shield landscapes / lake life in cottage country / pine, birch and maples from first bud through autumn's magic to their snowy silence, with their shimmering shoreside reflections / profusions of trilliums / people exploring nature's spirit.......It has also been a thrill to travel to other countries and cultures. "The challenge of expressing my sense of 'place' through my photography is a real thrill....... whatever the subject..... local life, architectural detail, landscape,.......or simply the light".

Jenny's passion for photography has been integral to her success. Her work has been consistently recognized with awards both provincially within the Professional Photographers of Ontario, and nationally by the Professional Photographers of Canada.

» articles

  • Infrared portraiture - PhotoLife Nov 2002

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Jenny's images have appeared in publications including:

  • Canadian Geographic
  • PhotoLife
  • Government of Canada Website
  • The Muskoka Magazine
  • The Observer
  • The Muskokan
  • Cottage Life

» affiliations

  • LPPO - Licensed / qualified member of the Professional Photographer's of Ontario (PPO)
  • Member: Professional Photographer's of Canada (PPOC)
  • Member: Canadian Association for the Photographic Arts (CAPA